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AA Aquarium

since 1982

Our mission for the GKM is to provide a simple & easy to use solution in treating green water problems. Green water is the number one reason why people give up on fishkeeping hobby. Our design & engineering team was challenged to make the world’s first mass-market Internal UV system. Targets were:

1) Easy to use

2) High efficiency

3) Cost effective &

4) Quick bulb changes

It’s never easy to innovate instead of being a follower. GKM has changed the rules for UV system for aquariums that the whole industry was accustomed to. But we have done it and the GKM has worked for hundreds of thousands of happy aquarium hobbyists around the world. With well over 3/4 million units sold, our mission remains the same and with the support from leading pet product’s distributors and retailers around the world, the GKM will continue to be accessible and affordable to more and more aquarium hobbyists. Let the GKM be part of your simple solution for keeping your tank crystal clear.

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